Sosta dell’Arcivescovo di Canterbury

“Three names have the people who serve the Almighty: the palmieri (i.e. the palm bearers) who travel over the sea and bring the palm with them;
the peregrini (i.e. pilgrims) who travel to the house in Galicia as St. Jacob was buried farther from his homeland than any other apostle; the romei (i.e: those who fare to Rome) who travel to Rome.” (Dante, Vita Nuova, XL.24\

Here you are, in Aulla, or Aguilla as Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury called it. Sigeric visited Aulla in 990 and was welcomed by the monks of st. Benedict who guarded the relics of St. Caprasio of Lérins.
You are about to meet the history of a Saint and of the community who chose him as its patron, as well as the testimonies to the passing of an anonymous host of pilgrims.
Today, the Saint is the patron of the whole diocese of northern Tuscany, the gateway to the Via Francigena.

Whether you are travelling as a devoted pilgrim, for leisure or in search of yourself, you are most welcome among these walls !