The few sculpted marble plaques survived the havoc of the war. The two grieving figures, the puttos, the small pallio of the main altar, the bust of cosimo centurione and the coats of arms, the bas-reliefs of the Madonna of Mercy of Savona, of St. Michael, of the Madonna offering the rosary to a Franciscan saint with a pouch and which are kept in the ambon.

Art historian father venanzio Belloni maintains they are the work by Genovese sculptor Daniele Solaro (1 634-1698), a student of the great French master Pietro Puget who was in Genoa from 1662 to 1670, the same period when the abbey of St. caprasio was being renewed.
The baroque church was rich in stucco decorations which was almost completely destroyed during the restoration works which were carried out after the war at the same time when the antique floor was being covered in grit. In 2011, restoration works brought the antique floor to the light again and restored the stucco crowning of the main apse.